Get the help your teen needs, when they need it

Let us know if this sounds familiar...

Your teen is struggling with certain math and science concepts and you don’t know how to help them

You’re worried about how this is going to impact your teen moving forward and want to set them up for success in the future

Class sizes keep getting bigger and bigger, and your teen can’t get the help they need when they need it

You know that schools are doing their best to adapt to the COVID-19 health restrictions, but the online education hasn’t been working as well, especially when it comes to Math and Science

If it feels like we just read your mind, you're in the right place!

Here's what makes us different:

Online Experience

All of our online educational services are provided by a certified high school math and science teacher who has been teaching online and in the classroom since 2004

Homework Help

Your teen will be able to get rapid homework help via a secure text messaging service with personalized video guidance, explanation and further exploration of the concept they were stuck on to help them truly understand it

Exam Stress & Anxiety Relief

Stress cuts off access to your higher-level thinking, problem solving brain – something that your teen needs to access during an exam. Heather, a former ICU RN with additional training and certifications in stress and stress management, will help guide your teen through a proven framework of science-based strategies to set your teen up for success.

Check out our student testimonials!

Thank you for being a great teacher the last two years. For two years I've always looked forward to going to math class because of you.
Thank you Mr. Thornton, It is impossible to be bored in your class ... your great sense of humor always engages us into your lesson. Only the greatest teachers are able to accomplish that. I look forward to almost every class because you speak in an amazing, effective style. Thanks for your patience, comedy, and stories that are truly appreciated!
It is because of you that maths is now my favorite subject. Your classes are a pleasure to be in and you have kindled a love of logical thinking and maths in me. You completely changed my attitude towards the subject and believed in me when others didn't. Thank you for the past 2 years!

Check out our parent testimonials!

I'm getting more disturbed though, as K. is now coming home saying that she looks forward to her math lessons!! And this is despite the fact that they occur daily!! Whatever magic you have worked on my daughter I want to say that I am very grateful!
Mr. Thornton is a supreme teacher with tremendous ability to work with the students and inspire them.
Mr. Thornton - committed and makes Math fun with his passion and is a "technology evangelist."
Mr. Thornton has had a positive impact. He took the time to explain the concepts to my daughter when she has had difficulty.
Mr. Thornton is a great teacher who is always there to guide and support
Mr. Thornton exudes a passion for math, which rubs off on his students.
I am happy to see that you are challenging R. to work hard and keep up with the assignments. He has been very proud of his performance...I appreciate that you are helping R. translate his natural aptitude in math into stronger performance in the classroom.

Meet our father-daughter team!

scott thornton

Scott Thornton

My objective is not to get people to learn to love mathematics. My objective is to get them to know that no matter the difficulty level of the problem, they have the skills they need to solve this problem. It may take them a little longer than others. But they already have everything they need

Heather Thornton

Former ICU RN turned stress management expert. It’s my mission to help your teen conquer their stress so that they can not only feel less anxious and improve their performance on their exams, but also set them up for life with strong stress-coping skills to be successful beyond high school. I am also the business manager for Your High School Tutor.